Omar Geoffrey Jarvis

Is married to Venetta Angela Brooks-Jarvis, who is his best friend and support; they work as team in ministry. God blessed the Jarvis’ with two beautiful daughters’ Malaika Heaven Jarvis and Elyana Serenity Jarvis, who are currently attending the historic Oakwood University,

Pastor Jarvis experienced his personal “Encounter with Christ at the age of sixteen and began to diligently study the bible and  became convicted that God had a unique end-time message that required a total surrender of the will and called for obedience to God’s law including the observance of the true biblical Sabbath. He made the commitment to develop his walk with Christ as a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and was baptized in 1994.


After receiving the “Call” to ministry, he began his studies at the Atlantic Union College, and three years later he graduated with degrees in Theology/Religion and Business Administration. In 2007, completed the Masters of Divinity degree from Andrews University.

Pastor Jarvis actively engages in community outreach and evangelism, conducting evangelistic meetings within the United Stated and Canada. He regularly conducts trainings and workshops, weeks of prayer. Pastor Jarvis is a certified Chaplain who works to minister to families in the community facing long term illness and bereavement. Pastor Jarvis also serves as President/Speaker of Dare to Believe Ministries which brings the good news to people who claim no religious affiliation, but are in need of an “everyday gospel” to transcend the challenges which life bring. Through his Podcast, radio program and speaking presentations Pastor Jarvis challenges people from all walks of life to believe “that there is hope where you are”.

He has been privileged to serve congregations in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Canada and now serves as Pastor of the Cambridge Seventh-day Adventist Church in Everett, MA

Most importantly he loves Jesus and looks forward to the day when He comes back.