One of my favorite Psalms is Psalms 22, which is a Psalm written by David about his personal suffering.  But in David’s description of his own pain David unknowingly creates imagery of the final hours of Jesus’ life.  David actually pens the scene and the thoughts of Jesus generations later.

David is not a self-proclaimed prophet, furthermore he is a self-proclaimed sinner, just like you and I.  But despite his sinful state David prophesies through a number of messianic prophecies interwoven in his psalms.  David was not an intentional prophet, he was simply a man who learned to trust God and praise God in the midst of his troubles.   David just like Jesus, whom he prophesied about, learned to trust in God, to delight in him, and to rely upon him for deliverance.

When David went through a trying experience he would praise God through it, and in doing so he grew spiritually through his troubles, and left us one of the most encouraging books in the bible.

David was not much more special than you and I.  Imagine the power we could harness if we could learn to trust God as David did.  If we could learn to, as David did, praise God amidst our trials, every trial would be a growth experience.

Let us intentionally become men and women after God’s own heart, men and women of power! When something bothers you this week, as I’m certain it will, try praising God.  Try reminding yourself out loud that God is in control and is far more powerful that whatever situation you are in.

If our frustrating situations could be used to strengthen our relationship with God, we would constantly become more powerful.  Let us keep that in prayer this week.

Psalms 22 tells me that God can use anyone who goes through a frustrating situation.  I want to let God use me.

Daniel H.

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