In this deep, dark, unlit place,

I pray for your sovereign grace.

Disobedient to your own will,

Has run amuck, but Lord you still;

Treat me as if I’m worthy,

The jewels of crowns, your robe adorns me.

Your call is heard from the depths of seas,

It’s your song of mercy that sets me free.

But still I wander from your wish,

Where my defiance ends inside this fish ,

With this deep, dark heart of mine,

My prayer today is that I may shine.

Change me Lord,

Head, heart, and hands,

That I may stand for your commands,.

Teach me to love and care for others,

For they are made by you,

Therefore my brothers.

Your love is never failing

Though we may stray,

It’s your act of mercy

That make us pray.

In this deep, dark, unlit place,

I am the light that was saved by grace.

– Joas D.

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